image of fishing lake in winter
Venue Rules Fishing Lake Rules

  • All nets to be dipped on site
  • Barbless hooks only; maximum size 12
  • No keep nets (matches excepted, 50 lb maximum per net)
  • No elasticated hook length method feeders or fixed feeders
  • No braided line
  • 1kg groundbait or pellets (1/2kg groundbait 1/2kg pellets)
  • All loose feed pellets to be purchased on site
  • Groundbait applied by cup or feeder
  • No nuts, boilies, bloodworm, joker or meat (luncheon meat excepted)
  • No Floating Baits
  • No artificial hook baits
  • No fish to be handled in rags
  • All fish to be landed and returned to the water by landing net
  • All fish to be returned to the water they were taken from
  • One rod only to be used at any time
  • All litter/rubbish to be taken away from the site
  • No tins on the pegs
  • No audible bite alarms
  • No music
  • No dogs

  • Matchmen please note: All nets to be laid out along the bank until 10 minutes before the start of your match. 55lb maximum per keep net. Rules subject to change, see bailiff.

    Reminder to all club secretaries. Please remember to bring your own weighing in equipment. All club matches to be weighed in by the club.

net of fish caught in this lake